ADA signs are used by the construction industry in two areas.

The first applies to construction workers with disabilities who are working on site. These are covered under OSHA regulations, but similar principles apply. Some workers may be hard of hearing or partially sighted. Signs advising the use of hearing protection or the need to wear a hard hat in a specific work area are recommended here. To ensure safe work can be carried out, it’s essential that the appropriate OSHA signs are in place during the construction works.

Then, for those works where a building is erected, installation of ADA signage is an integral part of the interior completion phase.

We can help you with both kinds of construction ADA signs. Not only do we have the capability to produce the full range of ADA signs in a variety of materials, but we can also install them for you on site too.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all changes to ADA sign regulations. Rest assured your ADA signs will meet all current ADA obligations. We are aware of all the federal regulations covering lettering, colors, panel sizes and mounting heights. For example, particular fonts, including the Roman-type fonts, are forbidden in the design of ADA signs.

We determine typeface heights by using the standard ADA chart, factoring in the distance of the reader from the sign and its mounting height. All our ADA signs come with non-glare backgrounds and typefaces that are easy to read. Sign glare can be a significant problem for the elderly and those with impaired sight. We also produce ADA signs written in Braille.

We can also print all the statutory ADA symbols onto our signs. These include the International Symbol of Access, otherwise known as the wheelchair symbol. ADA signs are usually made from brushed aluminum or colored acrylic. They can be screw-fixed or mounted using strong, durable adhesive. Either way, they are easy to install and maintain.

ADA signs in the construction industry can be easily overlooked. Don’t fall foul of ADA statutory regulations and expose your company to the risk of a fine. Call us today at (619) 623-4300 and we’ll be happy to discuss the use of ADA signs in the construction industry with you. If you prefer, email us with your requirements at and we’ll send you examples of our latest ADA signs.