Imagine this. You are taking your lunch break, and you suddenly remember it is your Aunt Judith’s birthday and family dinner is right after work. You can’t be late for mom’s pot roast, can you? So, you decide to run over to the local mall real quick to pick up a gift for your aunt.

It should be no problem, right? Wrong. You rush into the mall and look around for the directory, but it is nowhere to be found. So, you have to go up to the Customer Service desk to find out where the candle store is. That sounds easy but there are at least six people in line, and three of them look like they have returns.

In desperation, you run into the chocolate shop and pick up a sweet treat. Too bad for you, when you get to dinner, your mom reminds you Aunt Judith doesn’t eat sugar.

If only the mall had directory signs.

If you work in or operate a shopping mall, then you need a directory. Here at Sign-ology, we can make sure you get a directory sign that will help people find their way quickly and easily. A directory sign may showcase a map containing a few, clear landmarks, a grid, and perhaps an index.

This kind of signage saves people time and prevents them from associating your location with feeling lost and frustrated, and that brings repeat business. We can even include each store’s logo on the directory sign as well.

Perhaps you are considering a directory for an office building or medical park? We can do those too! We can create simple directories listing each office’s location and floor. Each directory can be customized with the name of your business to keep brand recognition going for the building itself, that people will absorb as people go from one place to another.

We are the one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We can create any interior sign or exterior sign, and you can even take your brand on the go with vehicle wrapping and fleet graphics. Plus, when you have a trade show or event coming up, we can create displays and marketing materials for the big day. We also make banners of all shapes and sizes, and our designers can do a limitless range of graphics, and of course, we can always incorporate your logo.

What are you waiting for? Visit us online at or call us direct at 619-623-4300. Now is the time to call.