The doors open, and one by one visitors walk into the museum with looks of awe and wonder on their faces. Exhibit after exhibit, people are stunned by the sheer awesomeness of the space. Not only are the displays spectacular but the walls are covered in beautiful murals.

People stand in front of the murals and soak in their beauty. Families get pictures taken in front of the murals. All in all, everyone who walks into the museum leaves happy. People will tell their friends and family about this one of a kind museum and its fantastic murals.

Now that is a story with a happy ending, isn’t it? If you run a museum that is exactly the kind of experience you hope all your visitors will enjoy when they come to your establishment. Here at Sign-ology, we can create stunning and fabulous wall murals for you to use in your museum. Wall murals and wall graphics are a smart way to make your space stand out among so many others.

A museum may choose to create a wall mural of different fossils from extraordinary pictures. Perhaps a wall mural of a dinosaur that kids can pose next to, or a wall mural depicting a cave man family that museum visitors can take snapshots in front of. Or how about a scale image of an entire creature in front of a display of its bones.

You could create beautiful murals of different countries for the different areas in your museum. For example, if you have an Egyptian exhibit, then you could have several wall murals depicting what life was like in Egypt then and now. Perhaps there’s an artifact that could not be acquired for the show. No matter, a stunning image on the wall can take its place.

Here at Sign-ology, we can create many different types of signs that will work well for a museum. We can create vertical, pop-up signs that you can use for events that you have year after year. They are simple to set up and fold down and take up very little space. We can make all of your lobby signs, directional signs, and ADA signs. We can also produce banners in any shape and size and for any occasion.

Now is the time to act. We will work with you on any of your signage needs and we can always incorporate your logo into any sign. You can visit us at our website by visiting You can also call us directly at 619-623-4300. We can’t wait to speak with you.