Isn’t it fun shopping a sidewalk sale? You walk along the storefront businesses sidewalk and check out all of their latest deals. It can be hard to decide which stores to go into, so you choose the stores that have sidewalk signs showcasing the offers inside. The stores without signs you skip. After all, if they don’t have a sign boasting about their amazing deals, then they probably don’t have any.

This may only be a theoretical scenario, but it is the way people think, so if you operate a storefront business then you need a sidewalk sign. Here at Sign-ology, we can create eye-catching. one-of-a-kind signs for you to use on the sidewalk in front of your store.

Each sign can be personalized with your company name and the specific logo and font that you use. Our sidewalk signs are simple to fold and can be stored without taking up a lot of room. Plus, there is a fantastic range of different designs you can choose from when creating a sidewalk sign for your storefront business.

You can create a sidewalk sign with a permanent message to showcase your business name and logo, as well as information such as your hours and phone number. You can also include a picture of the goods or services you offer. You can create a sign that highlights a special deal you offer on a regular basis. For example, if you are the owner or manager of a hair salon, and every Tuesday, veterans can get a $5.00 haircut, then we could create a sign specifically for that sale, and you can set it out each week when Tuesday rolls around.

Do you participate in Small Business Saturday? That is the day after Black Friday dedicated to shopping at small businesses. Often time the sales on Small Business Saturday are amazing. You could create a sidewalk sign that showcases your exceptional deals.

Do your offers change every year? If so, we can create a sign for you that features a dry erase board so you can write in that year’s specials. Do you own a café or eatery? We can create a sidewalk sign that includes a chalkboard so you can write the daily specials each morning.

No matter what you are looking for in the signage department we have got you covered. You can visit us online at or call us direct at 619-623-4300. What are you waiting for?