If you have a business of your own, signs are critical. It’s not just the signs you have; it’s the ways in which you use them that, very often, point directly to the success or failure of a business enterprise.

Think of your business signs as silent salespersons. They are always there, no matter the weather or the time of day.

What do they say about your business and could they say it better?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate; a service business, such as massage therapy, a storefront business downtown, a parking garage, museum, library, or a restaurant; every business needs to get the word out. Signs help you do this most effectively.

Types of Signs

There are all manner of indoor and outdoor signs.

Outdoor signs can be hanging, vertical, post-and-panel, monument, lighted, channel letters, roof or building signs, and many others.

Indoor signs include bathroom, directory, and wayfinding signs, wall or floor graphics, wall, lobby or front desk signs.

Vehicle graphics help you advertise your business on every vehicle you own.


Importance of Signs

Business signs are an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. When you incorporate signs into your business, they can reflect your business brand. Too many businesses overlook this as a way to improve brand awareness.

Your logo, tagline, and colors help make your business unique. Express these with signs to keep your branding working for you.

Take wall murals, for instance. A wall mural can enhance the interior of your business space. They will work for almost any business, because they are versatile and completely customizable. They can be as large or as small as you need, and they can be as colorful or bold as desired.

With today’s digital technology, wall murals can literally transform your business space with a whole new look.

Or you might be interested in everything vehicle graphics and decals can do for your business, and with good reason. Using vehicle graphics is one are some of the most effective ways of reaching your customers and potential customers. Even a well-placed billboard can be challenged by a simple vehicle graphic.

When a vehicle is in front of you with a unique message, attractive colors, and a great design, people will find that hard to ignore. What’s more, vehicle graphics break up the monotony of travel for many people.

With thoughtful design and top-notch installation, you can attract people in your target location and inspire them to take action, whether that means calling a number or stopping by your business location. Expect referrals to increase, too, as your brand recognition skyrockets.

Make your store or eatery more enticing with storefront window graphics. These types of advertising can be simple text or images that cover the entire window or series of windows.

Are you the owner of a fitness club? What about a photography studio? Cover your windows with captivating images to bring just enough mystery that passersby will want to know more.

Remember, that those images and graphics will be working for you even after-hours or before the sun is up.

And for any business large enough to need wayfinding directional signs, we want you to know that there are entire systems as to how these are put together.

If you own a theater, museum, airport, or a multi-level company building, for example, it will run more successfully with great wayfinding signs to guide people to their destinations.

Wayfinding signage goes a long way past simple wall signs with arrows. Years of experience go into creating effective wayfinding or directional sign packages.

Here are some more points to consider.

  • Signs attract many of a startup business’s new customers.
  • Unless you have a sign for your business, many people passing by won’t even know you exist.
  • Adding or changing signs can boost revenue.
  • Impulse shoppers are attracted to clever, unique signage.
  • Compared to TV or radio, signs will spare your wallet, but they remain very effective.

Signs are so ingrained in our culture that without them people know something isn’t right. Don’t let this befall your business!

Signs direct people, inspire them, and help people make good decisions every day. Small business signs play a vital role in the life of a community.

Keep in mind that many people move into your town every year. These people are unfamiliar with where things are or where the best places to eat, dine and shop are located. Use signage to tell them!

If your customers are driving or walking past your business every day, let us help you build a sign that will bring them through the doors.

Give us a call today and see why professional signs can be one of your business’s greatest assets.